John Muir Award

For Year 6 upwards

The 5-day JOHN MUIR AWARD course involves exploration of wild places through adventure activities, a conservation project and sharing the experience by making a presentation.

The John Muir Award is a national environmental award accredited by the John Muir Trust.

DH 1570

During the five-day JOHN MUIR AWARD course at Derwent Hill, students explore Borrowdale and its surrounding fells, with their wild places, diverse habitats and spectacular scenery, travelling adventurously by canoe and on foot.  They take part in a practical conservation project, usually on a local farm that has won national awards for its work in encouraging biodiversity.  The week culminates in the students preparing and giving a presentation in order to share their expereinces.

DH 1571Learning Outcomes

  • Discover a wild place
  • Explore its wildness
  • Conserve – take personal responsibility
  • Share experiences



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